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Origins Game Fair 2015 June 17, 2015

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I can hardly believe another Origins Game Fair has come and gone.  Now that the kids are older, our whole family can really enjoy the experience of Origins.  Living in Central Ohio and being gamers, there is really no excuse not to go to the convention and we really did it up right this year.

For the first time since we started attending Origins, our whole family attended the convention for the entire running time.  We purchased Board Room ribbons so we could take advantage of the CABS library, which is extensive, and also made good use of the Rio Grande demo room (and started our gaming week off early, when Jay from Rio Grande, unpacked and taught us to play 20th Century Limited).

We got to play some old favorites (Vikings for me), and try several new games.  The kids report that one of their favorites was Commissioned, by Chara Games.  I quite enjoyed a kickstarter that just launched, Apotheca.

No Origins is complete for us without a little costume fun.  We are geeks, after all, and can’t resist.  We had two great looking Steampunk aviators and several Star Wars themed costumes represented.  We weren’t the best costumed by a long shot, but we had fun getting creative.


Girls are still playing… just not blogging! June 6, 2012

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Hi folks! I have no real excuse for not keeping up with the blog. Since we’re in summer break with school right now, I’ll make a concerted effort to keep up with things! Last night we played Porto Carthago, and our third son, 8, won the game handily. Thinking he was about to win, oldest son pulled out a move at the end that neither Nate nor I expected, showing us he has matured in his gaming skills and understanding of strategy!  Sadly for him, he didn’t realize how close his brother was to winning.  I’m proud in a geeky Mom sort of way! Next game we play, we’ll post pics, links, and all the good stuff!

Also, the MOB (Mid-Ohio Boardgamers), has officially convened. We meet the third Friday of every month at the Fredericktown Library. You are welcome to join us if you are in the area, and, of course, please feel free to bring the kids! We have plenty of games for the younger set, a good sized library of games for grown-ups, and many people who can teach games for young and old alike!


Where Has the Time Gone? April 15, 2011

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Our latest game play was a round of Risk.  Not one of the many new incarnations of Risk (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Godstorm, Black Ops…check them all out here), or even the regular board, but THE Risk.  The classic, vintage risk that my Dad and his brothers played when they were kids, circa 1959.  The pieces are wood, and not cut all to the same size.  The board is embellished with a jaunty whale and two smiling dolphins, and the back of the box shows one very happy middle class family having a go at the game.  (Pictures to come as soon as I get the board back out and aim a camera at it. It will give you a little laugh.)

How did it play?  Like Risk.  Plenty of gotchas and good-humored attacking, until one player was eliminated and the other two players, pieces huddled in small enclaves, conceded the game to the red swath covering the board.  Could we have gone on until there was a complete victory?  Sure.  But it was getting late, we all had to get up the next morning like responsible adults, and it’s just not as much fun to drag it out into a marathon session like we would have in our youth.  We kept it light. 

Sometimes, with all the amazing, complex, and strategic games out there, the back to basics are a great time.


Good Deal on Classic Games March 10, 2011

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Okay, so I would really rather see you all playing great eurogames, BUT this is a pretty good deal on a package of classic boardgames.   Check it out from Hip2Save.  The deal from WalMart includes Clue, Sorry, Monopoly Deal and Scrabble Slam all packaged together for $10 (free shipping site to store, or $0.97 to your home).

We’ve been playing games lately, but I am ashamed to say that I just haven’t mustered up the get-go to write about them.  The one I’ve been most into these days is Founding Fathers.  We’ve played this two player and four player.  I enjoyed it as a two-player game, but thought the four-player was a little bogged down.  Nate and I would both like to try this three player and see if  that’s the magic number for a really good game.  Each player is trying to earn points by passing Constitutional articles, debating, and generally helping or obstructing the process of creating the Constitution through event actions on the delegate cards.  Every card has information about a particular founding father (we spent half the time in our first game reading and saying, “Hey, did you know…”).  Articles can be passed historically, with small or large state, Federalist or Anti-federalist leaning, or can be defeated.  There are many ways to earn points besides having delegates on the winning side of the article.  More to come on this game after we’ve given it a 3-player try.

Also in the game line-up lately: Ticket to Ride 7 Wonders, and one round of Conflict of Heroes (a game far more enjoyable to the boys than to me – I would far rather play Memoir 44).

Happy Gaming!


Etsy Coupon Code Bonus for My Readers February 12, 2011

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Hi everyone!  I mentioned in my ‘about me’ page that I sell custom made items on Etsy (  I’m offering my blog readers a coupon worth 10% off anything listed in my store and as well as any custom order, if you want me to create an item for you.  Just use the code bag10 at checkout to automatically receive your discount!


Where To Start February 7, 2011

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     So, you’d like to play a few new games, but where do you start?  First, of course, you have to find some games.  Easy!  Then, you have to find some players.  THAT may be harder than it seems.  Don’t fret – I’ll give you a leg up.

     Casually mention “Settlers of Catan” at your next social gathering. Chances are you’ll get some blank stares (like that one you just gave me). On the other hand, you might see someone perk up, or a big grin, or most likely, you’ll hear, “I LOVE that game!” Now you’ve found your potential gamer.  Ask friends and family – if you make an evening of it, with games, food, and general social concord, you’re likely to get a few of the people that may be on the fence about playing games.  Even if you only find one person, it’s enough to get some very good games going.
     Another way to find other gamers is to check places like your local library or community center. Find out from them if they ever hold board game nights and check any message boards at such locations to see if anyone is looking to play once in a while. If they don’t, or there isn’t, post something yourself and see if you can organize such an event at that location.
     Search the internet for board game clubs in your area. If you are in a college town, or near a bigger city, you are probably more likely to find one, but they pop up everywhere. My husband started out meeting with a very small group of mostly graduate students in Columbia, Missouri, who had posted a notification about their meetings in the University of Missouri community. When we moved, the internet was much more of a fertile hunting ground, and we easily found CABS in Columbus.  When we joined, this was a modest club of, at most, 50 members.  Ten years later, it has grown to at least 300.  People of all sorts come to enjoy the fun.  Game Clubs of Maryland has a mighty fine link to clubs around the states here.  Check it out to see if you can find one near you!

     Before I go on to finding games to play, I want to give tell you about a web site that links finding people and finding games.  Board Game Geek This online resource can help you find games of interest to you, find people in your area looking for players, and give you great reviews and tutorials.  Often times, you can find extra materials and updates for games, and the site is extraordinary for rules clarifications.  There are also links to reputable online stores to supply your gaming needs.   One of the nicest features is the advanced search, where you can fill in as much or as little information and get results back.  This is useful for finding a game to play when you know how many you’ll have and what your skill level is.  [One caveat – the search in Board Game Geek is very sensitive to spelling.  If you are not sure how to spell the name of a game, just type in the beginning few letters of one word from the title, and find it in the list of results.]

     I promised that I’d give you a few ideas for different games that can easily be found in your big box stores.  These games are different, fun, and easy to get your hands on.   One of the easiest to find will be Wits & Wagers.  This fun party-type game can accommodate a lot of players, and I have seen it at Target.  While you’re there, see if you can find Blokus, or its younger sibling, Blokus Duo (sometimes called Travel Blokus, and made for 2 players only), both of which are spatial relationship games.  The 3D version of Blokus is also worthwhile to seek out, but I haven’t seen it in the box stores in some time. 

     Once in a while Wal-Mart will carry these games, but it isn’t often.  If I notice them in the store, I’ll alert you, dear readers. It is worth noting, however, that one can have several games from Wal-Mart’s online store shipped to a store near you for free.  Since most online game stores won’t ship for free unless your order totals $100, this is a nice way to keep your cost down if you just want to buy one or two games.  In a quick search today I found that one could order Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, and Lost Cities, all of which are great games for starting your collection.

    This should get you started on your way to enjoying game night on a regular basis.  If you have a game suggestion, know of a club, or have tips for getting people together, comment below and I’ll get it in the post!

Happy gaming!


Getting the Hang of This!

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     Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me as I learn more about blogging.  I have been working through earlier posts so that you can click on any mentioned boardgame and link to the Boardgame Geek information about the game.  Through Boardgame Geek you can get pictures of the game, reviews, and video reviews and/or instructions for play.  You will also find links there on where to purchase games.  That is something I will be trying to post here on GirlsPlayToo in the near future.

     I have a few updates to the links post, so check those out, too, if you have a moment.

     I hope you have found some time to try out a new game, or even just pull out an old favorite!  Game on!