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A quick look at what we’re playing January 15, 2011

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Thursday night we sat down to play a couple of games, and I thought I’d share a little about one of  them with you.

We started the evening off with Roll Through the Ages , a quick civilization-building game.  We played this two-player, but it works equally well with up to four people.  Your goal in this game is to increase the number of cities in your civilization, develop nifty abilities (like farming and medicine) to help your civilization gain strength, and build wonders to increase the beauty of your lands.  And it’s all done with a roll of the dice and some good record-keeping.

In the box, you will find:

  • record keeping/score sheets
  • seven wooden dice
  • four goods and food peg boards
  • pegs
  • rules 

Here are the basics for play.  Roll the dice and assign the results to your record sheet; feed your people; grow your civilization.  Really.  It’s that easy.

Nate started out by developing agriculture and a quarry so that he could gather food and stone goods faster.  I took the path of early city building in order to roll more dice (and therefore get more of everything) sooner.  The early goods-developments really paid off for Nate, since he was able to buy much higher priced developments sooner and with more frequency.  Rolling more dice gave me plenty of people to assign, and had I concentrated more on building wonders, I may have ended the game with a better score.  I tried to do a little bit of everything, instead.  We both ended the game with 5 developments, but Nate’s were higher scoring advancements, and he had a better score for his wonders.  Sadly, because I was rolling more dice, I also had more  of a chance for disaster to strike, which equals minus points at the end of the game.  Nate beat me and it wasn’t even close.  Oh well!  I’ll know better next time.

Want to find out more about Roll Through the Ages?  Check it out on Board Game Geek.


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