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Games, Games, and More Games January 28, 2011

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     We started our gaming weekend early by getting in a game of Vikings with our neighbors last night.  The components in Vikings are a lot of fun – how can anyone not like little wooden viking pieces!  We opted to add in the advanced components, and were all soundly walloped by Nate, who wasn’t afraid to lay down some cash early, and really got his rhythm down in this game (very important in Vikings).

     But that’s just the beginning of a busy gaming weekend!

     This evening, we will be gaming with a group of 12 adults (and 20 kids!  Wow!), some of whom are old pros, and some who are new to Euro-style games.  It’s always fun to introduce new games to new faces, but it can be a bit of a challenge with a group this large.  We want to try to keep as many people together tonight, so the plan is to split into two groups of six.  That is a challenge, too, since many Euro games cap out at 5 players (and more often, 4 players). 

     Here are our thoughts on what’s going into the game tub for tonight: Seven Wonders (plays up to 7), Around the World in 80 Days (although this one is sometimes a little harder for the newbie to grasp), Cable Car, Grenada, Incan Gold (fast and easy to pick up), Trans America, Winner’s Circle, Power Grid, Antike, and Chicago Express.  These represent a pretty good selection of mostly easier games that can accommodate 6 players at the table.

     We continue the gaming weekend Saturday night with another group of mostly new players, but this time will only have 8 adults (and 12 kids).  We’ll still have to split into two tables, but will have more options, since we’ll be able to pull out games for 4.  We had a request for Saturday evening, Robo Rally.  It’s a fun game, and basically pretty easy as far as mechanics, but the rules can be a little daunting to read and grasp. 

     I know I promised a blurb on how to start out in some of these games, and it is coming – really!  It’s in the works, as I continue to figure out how to make the most of the tools for the blog.  I want to really get more pictures in my posts, and that will take time for me to figure out!  Be patient and you will be rewarded.

     I’ll post pictures from our game nights as soon as the weekend winds down, so you can take a look at what we played!


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