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Games, Games, and More Games Reprisal February 4, 2011

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     Finally!  A week has gone by, and I have a little time to sit down and tell you about our gaming weekend.  If you’ll remember, Friday night was a large group of adults and kids.  The evening was a fun time of fellowship and games for kids and grownups alike.  We ended up breaking into men’s and women’s tables to start out the evening.  The guys sat down to a two hour game of Power Grid, while the women played through two rounds of Incan Gold (interspersed with plenty of chatting).  Notably, one player in Incan Gold had a whopping 31 points worth of treasure that she lost to a hazard (don’t get too greedy!)  We lost a few couples after Power Grid ended, so we were able to combine into one table of 6 for two fun games of Seven Wonders.

     Saturday night was a smaller group (of both kids and adults).  We had a tasty dinner together, chatted for a bit, then got down to gaming.  We stuck to one table and eight player games, which can be hard to come by, but are lots of fun.  By request, we started with Robo Rally, a game whose rules seems complex, but which plays pretty easily.  There was lots of twirling, whirling, lasering, and starting over as everyone got the hang of moving their robots through a factory to gain flags for a win.

    Incan Gold made another appearance Saturday – it really is a great game to get new gamers going, and it’s a nice, light game to start an evening.  It’s fun to see which players press their luck at all costs, and who plays more conservatively.

     We wrapped up Saturday night with another good large-group game, Wits and Wagers.  This is a trivia game, but nothing like your usual trivia.  Winning the game depends upon betting the odds of a correct answer.  It’s a bit like Trivial Pursuit meets Balderdash, with betting thrown in.  All players write a numerical answer to a question (i.e. “In what year was the Eiffel Tower built), all answers are sorted from least to greatest, and players bet on the correct answer.  Depending on the location of the answer on the play board, correct bets get varying payouts.  This is a fantastic game for a group, and can be found at Target stores (and possibly Wal-Mart, alth0ugh I have not been able to verify that one).

    Thanks to all the couples and kids who got together to enjoy some games, and to the wonderful families who opened up their houses to the crowds!  It’s always a blast!


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  1. Rayna Says:

    My hand looks fat… 😉

  2. I really like it when individuals get together and share views.
    Great blog, stick with it!

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