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Good Deal on Classic Games March 10, 2011

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Okay, so I would really rather see you all playing great eurogames, BUT this is a pretty good deal on a package of classic boardgames.   Check it out from Hip2Save.  The deal from WalMart includes Clue, Sorry, Monopoly Deal and Scrabble Slam all packaged together for $10 (free shipping site to store, or $0.97 to your home).

We’ve been playing games lately, but I am ashamed to say that I just haven’t mustered up the get-go to write about them.  The one I’ve been most into these days is Founding Fathers.  We’ve played this two player and four player.  I enjoyed it as a two-player game, but thought the four-player was a little bogged down.  Nate and I would both like to try this three player and see if  that’s the magic number for a really good game.  Each player is trying to earn points by passing Constitutional articles, debating, and generally helping or obstructing the process of creating the Constitution through event actions on the delegate cards.  Every card has information about a particular founding father (we spent half the time in our first game reading and saying, “Hey, did you know…”).  Articles can be passed historically, with small or large state, Federalist or Anti-federalist leaning, or can be defeated.  There are many ways to earn points besides having delegates on the winning side of the article.  More to come on this game after we’ve given it a 3-player try.

Also in the game line-up lately: Ticket to Ride 7 Wonders, and one round of Conflict of Heroes (a game far more enjoyable to the boys than to me – I would far rather play Memoir 44).

Happy Gaming!


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