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Where Has the Time Gone? April 15, 2011

Filed under: What We're Playing — hoamer @ 9:12 AM

Our latest game play was a round of Risk.  Not one of the many new incarnations of Risk (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Godstorm, Black Ops…check them all out here), or even the regular board, but THE Risk.  The classic, vintage risk that my Dad and his brothers played when they were kids, circa 1959.  The pieces are wood, and not cut all to the same size.  The board is embellished with a jaunty whale and two smiling dolphins, and the back of the box shows one very happy middle class family having a go at the game.  (Pictures to come as soon as I get the board back out and aim a camera at it. It will give you a little laugh.)

How did it play?  Like Risk.  Plenty of gotchas and good-humored attacking, until one player was eliminated and the other two players, pieces huddled in small enclaves, conceded the game to the red swath covering the board.  Could we have gone on until there was a complete victory?  Sure.  But it was getting late, we all had to get up the next morning like responsible adults, and it’s just not as much fun to drag it out into a marathon session like we would have in our youth.  We kept it light. 

Sometimes, with all the amazing, complex, and strategic games out there, the back to basics are a great time.


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