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Origins Game Fair 2015 June 17, 2015

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I can hardly believe another Origins Game Fair has come and gone.  Now that the kids are older, our whole family can really enjoy the experience of Origins.  Living in Central Ohio and being gamers, there is really no excuse not to go to the convention and we really did it up right this year.

For the first time since we started attending Origins, our whole family attended the convention for the entire running time.  We purchased Board Room ribbons so we could take advantage of the CABS library, which is extensive, and also made good use of the Rio Grande demo room (and started our gaming week off early, when Jay from Rio Grande, unpacked and taught us to play 20th Century Limited).

We got to play some old favorites (Vikings for me), and try several new games.  The kids report that one of their favorites was Commissioned, by Chara Games.  I quite enjoyed a kickstarter that just launched, Apotheca.

No Origins is complete for us without a little costume fun.  We are geeks, after all, and can’t resist.  We had two great looking Steampunk aviators and several Star Wars themed costumes represented.  We weren’t the best costumed by a long shot, but we had fun getting creative.


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