Boardgaming for Everyone!

About January 13, 2011

My husband and I try to expand our kids’ minds with lots of books, activities, and, of course, GAMES.  In pursuit of this, we have an extensive game library, with games covering just about any topic you can think of!  We recently started the MOB (Mid-Ohio Boardgamers) game club to extend the joy of gaming to our friends and neighbors in our small community.

Besides boardgaming, my husband and I love ballroom dancing at Dance Plus Ballroom.  The whole family is involved in Boy Scouts, which takes up plenty of our time in a very fulfilling way!  The kids are all Suzuki students with the Denison University Suzuki program (if you do Suzuki, you know the committment that takes).   AND I enjoy multiple crafts (when I have the time), and sell some of what I make on Etsy.  Right now you can find dice bags and draw bags perfect for boardgames and Dungeons and Dragons, custom sewn for you.

This is my first attempt at blogging, and  I do welcome comments and suggestions!


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