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Links February 7, 2011

I am starting a Links Page so I can put some links to gaming and non-gaming sites for you.  These will be places where you can read game reviews, watch game demos, purchase games, or (like today) get “daily deals” so you can save your money for games!

Here’s today’s link:  Plum District, a daily deal hook up.  We haven’t bought anything from here yet, but have gotten some good deals from similar sites.

The review of the great gaming weekend is coming up this afternoon  up, and I am still working on the how to get started post.

2/7/11  A few more savings links to add:

Tanga has deals on several items, often times including boardgames.  Recently, they had Tikal II for sale.  There are some fun mind-bending puzzles that can earn you “Tanga points” to spend later.

The next link takes you to some cooking ebooks written by Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship.   Katie has a great handle oin eating “real” foods and keeping to a budget, which is important to me, and I know to many of you.  We tried a preview recipe from her upcoming book about beans and it was a real hit with the kids.  Last night we made homemade hamburger helper (at about $0.30 per serving! ) that was gone in a flash.  If you’re interested in checking them out, click on ebooks, above, or click here now!  This is an affiliate link, so any purchase made would give me 33% of the purchase price.   If you just want to check out Katie’s blog, I urge you to visit her here.  There’s a lot to learn about and enjoy!


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